Ask Jack’s Mom is the go-to repository of child related activities, events, resources and services for families living in Hermanus.

When we moved to Hermanus with our son Jack, almost five years ago, tourist brochures and websites couldn’t help with child specific information. Like where to find a child friendly dentist or hairdresser, mulberry leaves for silkworms or where to have children’s ears pierced. We needed to know which schooling and extramural options were available, where to find a babysitter and a pediatrician and if there were public play parks . After much detective work and bucket loads of fun along the way, we now know the answers to all these questions and many others.

We love the outdoors and have explored and enjoyed the local parks, beaches, walkways and many other exciting outdoor activities. We also love doing things indoors like watching shows and performances, creating art, baking, experiments, reading and table top games.  We're excited to share all this information with you here at askjacksmom.

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